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Wynwood Furniture

Wynwood Furniture

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Wynwood Furniture’s goal is to create exciting furniture in an extensive process that begins with an idea. That idea usually comes from Wynwood Furniture's fashion consultants that search the world for unique materials and latest trends in shapes, textures and colors. The idea begins to take form as their talented designers create sketches, renderings and blueprints for the new design. A furniture collection is born.

Wynwood Furniture

Finishes are selected and tested; hardware is chosen. Specifications are checked and re-checked to ensure that the collection is not only beautiful but functional in every aspect. Prototypes are made. Samples are produced. They consult with marketing and merchandising experts who know the marketplace and know what you, the customer, expect. The finished product is brought to market where tens of thousands of retailers from all over the world come to see what's new and exciting. The collection's a hit!

Now it's down to business. Wynwood furniture engineers turn prototypes and samples into a production line where skilled crafts-people build the furniture, hand apply the finishing materials, inspect, package and ship the product to customers around the world.

Wynwood Furniture

In this whole process, hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have been involved in the process, all sharing the same goal, to make you, our customer happy!

Enjoy your new Wynwood furniture. Care for it as we have cared for bringing it to your home from Basista Furniture. And know that you can count on Wynwood Furniture and Basista Furniture for years to come.

Wynwood Furniture

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